Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find the application form on the website
Applications are closed for this year. See details on this years recipients.

Must my application be for the development of a play, a musical, a dance, or a short film?
Yes. KSF will support one project of each discipline in the UK and US each year (eight projects in total).

My project is already part funded. Can I still apply?
Yes, we expect to be one of several funders. 

Do I need a full script?

Do I need to submit a full budget?

What constitutes a short film?
KSF will consider films of any genre or category that are no longer than 25 minutes.

I am not a UK or US resident, can I apply for for KSF Artists of Choice?
No. KSF requires the Applicant to be a UK or US  resident at present. 

Can I apply for KSF Artists of Choice to help finance educational courses or training?

Can I buy equipment with the KSF Artists of Choice grant to help make my project happen?

What happens to my application after the closing date?
In the first instance the KSF team will check all applications to ensure they are complete and comply with the criteria. A shortlist will be drawn up for each genre (play, musical, dance or film). Shortlisted applicants will be invited to present their project ideas (either as an individual or a core creative team if that is in place) to a panel of industry professionals who will assess each project, make the final decision and allocate the KSF Grants.

When will I know if my application has been shortlisted?
All applicants will be told whether or not their project has been shortlisted within one month of the deadline date.

What happens if I get shortlisted but can’t make the date or location?
Then we will withdraw you from the process.

If I am selected as a KSF Artists of Choice, do I have to spend my grant money within a certain time?
Yes, KSF will advise you of that timeframe. 

If I have applied before can I resubmit my project for consideration?
No. KSF will not consider an application that is unsuccessful more than once.

My application was unsuccessful will KSF give me feedback?
No. KSF cannot provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants due to the volume of applications that we receive.

I applied last year, can I apply again with a different project?

If I am selected as a KSF Artist of Choice, will I be expected to report back to KSF on the progress of the project?
Yes. KSF will ask you to regularly submit project updates and a full report on completion of the project.

You will also be expected to contribute to online content about the project such as photographs from rehearsals, blogs, films etc.