KSF Learning Projects inspire aspiration in young people through theatre-based techniques. In 2011/12 KSF launched Richard’s Rampage, a learning project that accompanied the worldwide tour of the acclaimed production, Richard III in which Kevin Spacey starred in the title role. Working in eight different countries across three continents, Richard’s Rampage provided workshops in schools, on the stages of world renowned theatres for talented emerging actors and online. This extraordinary project, which involved 1,100 participants globally and saw Kevin Spacey mentoring the performers of tomorrow, led to the development of KSF Learning and has shaped all subsequent projects.

Recent projects include Home Grown which piloted in London, Baltimore and the Middle East. The impetus for Home Grown came from conversations with teachers, parents/carers and educators who believe that intelligent, creative individuals are often sidelined or somehow ‘invisible’ because they don’t have the self confidence to push themselves forward, resulting in the most needy not fulfilling their potential. Home Grown offers a way for those creative individuals to be ‘seen’ and their talent nurtured.